• Group Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

  • Three (50-60min) Group Workout Sessions Per Week

  • Two (10min) Self-guided Recovery Routines Per Week

  • Access to Body Fundamentals Coaching Videos(a reference for proper body mechanics)

  • Diet Accountability and Meal Planning Guidance

  • Monthly Fitness Test & Progress Tracking

  • Opportunity to Win Participation Based Cash Prizes!!!

*Due to popular request; there is an option to participate in the Fitness Program, without partaking in the challenge. This option is for members who wish to train, but are unable to maintain the regular schedule.


  • We want to help you adopt meaningful and manageable lifestyle changes that will enable your health to flourish now, and well after the program is complete.

  • This program is a detailed, yet simplistic approach to achieving a strong fit body and healthy eating habits.

  • No unnecessary exercises, fad diets, or weird supplements…just simply what works.


  • Do you want to learn to get the most out of workouts with the minimum amount of time?

  • Are you interested in body weight and free weight workout that can be done anywhere with minimal equipment (home, travel, gym)?

  • Do you want training that clearly explains what to do, but also helps you understand why it makes sense to do it (interested in understanding training theory)?

  • Do you want to learn best practices that you can implement into your workouts and lifestyle, for continued success after the program is complete?

  • Do you want to adopt eating habits that help with your current goal, but also drastically contribute to enhancing long term health?

  • Are you interested in improving your overall strength, decreasing body fat, and learning good body mechanics for better performance and less likelihood of injury?

…then this program is for you.


Our program is designed to do two things…

  • Help you develop a stronger, healthier body

  • Help you learn what you need to know to keep it that way


this IS ACCOMPLISHED through coaching in three main areas…


Training best practices include appropriate body mechanics, intensity progressions, exercise selection, frequency, and tempo. Significant attention is focused on understanding how to perform exercises most effectively to reap the maximum benefit out of the time you invest working out. Also, this provides participants with a great knowledge base on effective movement/ exercise technique, for continued success on their fitness journey.


Eating for health and fitness involves understanding best practice for maintaining a diet comprised of high-quality foods, and proper meal planning for your goals.


Recovery involves tools and best practice for improving muscle repair, and sleep quality.



Is it only for those who are physically fit?

No. All fitness levels are welcome to join. No one will be asked to complete more than he/she is capable of doing safely. All exercises are modified to the individual, so you will be challenged regardless of your fitness level.

Is this a competition?

No, this is not a competition. We support each other to achieve our individual goals. All incentives are awarded based on individual bases.

Where are you located?*New times may be added

Our training sessions currently take place

  • Verona NJ

  • Montclair NJ

  • Downtown Newark NJ

What are the session times? *New times may be added

Monday - 5:00am, 6:00am

Tuesday - 5:00am, 6:00am

Wednesday - 5:00am, 6:00am

Thursday - 5:00am, 6:00am

Friday - 5:00am, 6:00am

Saturday - 7am, 8am

What should I bring?

Members should bring the following:

  • Wear workout apparel

  • Sneakers

  • Water

  • Towel

  • Exercise mat (optional)

  • Weight training gloves (optional)

  • Most important – GREAT ATTITUDE!

Only 15 Spots Available Per Class

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